Customer Value European Network Update

The Fall 2005 meeting will be hosted by Syngenta in Basel, Switzerland on Nov. 17, 2005. The focus of this meeting will be Using the Value-Strategy Toolkit™ for Product Positioning and Value-Based Pricing. Speakers from BOC Gasses, EBS, Lord, and Syngenta will share their experiences in applying Customer-Value-Management techniques to pricing decisions. Customer Value, Inc. will preview the upcoming Release 5 of the Value-Strategy Toolkit™ Software. Details on logistics and the agenda are now available.

Presentations from the most recent meeting hosted by BOC Gasses in Guilford, UK are now available for network members. (See list below.) Call Don at (617) 227-8191 or email

Highlights of the Guildford meeting hosted by BOC Gases on May 9, 2005

  • Using Customer Value Analysis to Earn Market Share and Price Premiums, Bradley Gale, Customer Value, Inc.
  • How BOC Gases Uses CPV in Marketing, Product Positioning, Pricing, and Key Account  Selling, Dynes Woodrow, BOC
  • Using the Value-Strategy Toolkit™ software for Competitive Positioning and Value Pricing on a Global Basis, Kumar Datta, Syngenta
  • Strategy for a Spinoff Chemical Company, Antonio Belforte, BP Chemicals
  • Linking Customer Value to Business Performance — using PIMS Evidence, Katarina Brown, PIMS
  • Putting Value into New Products, Donald Swire, Customer Value, Inc.
  • Positioning Your Portfolio of Product Lines, Kevin Johnson, EBS & Bradley Gale, CVI

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